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Our Medicare Consultation program will save you time, eliminate liabilities while helping you grow and protect your patient panel. All at NO COST to you or your patients.



  • How much Time, Energy and Resources do you spend on Medicare related questions for patients? How Many Medicare consultations did you provide during Open Enrollment?

  • How do you ensure your patients get the most comprehensive Medicare coverage possible with plans within your preferred network? Are some patients getting away because they unknowingly enrolled in non-preferred plans?

  • How are you actively educating your patients on Medicare topics? Are you currently a community resource for valuable health and insurance information? 



By participating in The Road Ahead's Medicare Consultation program your pharmacy and your patients will gain access to three primary solutions:



Your partnered independent insurance broker from The Road Ahead will carefully weigh your patients’ financial, medical and insurance needs before offering a personalized recommendation that optimizes their cost savings all while ensuring your pharmacy is in network.



More Time Less Liability

The Road Ahead brokers are specially trained and certified to work with independent pharmacies and their patients. Let us handle the Medicare questions.

Keep More Patients

Help patients avoid the 1-800 numbers and keep the business local and in-network.

Find More Patients

Through community Medicare educational events held at your pharmacy, you will be able to introduce your unique services to more high value prospective patients. And we will foot the bill.


About Us

Since 2018, The Road Ahead has worked with Independent Community Pharmacies to ensure they are able to continue providing top-notch healthcare services to their local communities. Our passion lies in introducing Medicare Insurance solutions that benefit both patients and pharmacies. By doing so, we play a small but significant role in helping patients and pharmacies thrive.

“I love working with my agent partner! They provide compassionate help to my patients to navigate the Medicare landscape. Their compliant consultations are done with no cost and no liability to me.
Thank you for making my life easier! "

- Mona Ghattas Owner
Duran's Central Health Mart Pharmacy



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